Don't wait for the hill to change.

On today's training ride, we rode up Mt Warning. After alredy climbing out of Currumbin valley. It was hot, oh so hot and even though there was a definite wind, it wasnt anywhere to be found once the uphill started.

Have you ever been up Mt Warning?  Either on a bike, or gone there ever so early for a hike to the top to see the sunrise?  I'd  done neither before, so wasn't sure what we were in for. I soon found out. Why didn't I ride toward Tyalgum instead?

There are very few hills that i havent been able to climb in my life and this unfortunately was one of them. It got so step, after id already pushed myself to get that far and I could see beyond the next corner and it just didnt let up. So I stopped. Turned around and set off for home. Nick being the mountain goat he is though continued on and made it to the top - however described it as the hardest climb hes ever done

Since then its got me thinking, because one day and one day soon I'll get to the top of that bastard. This quote sums up this ride, and life, perfectly.

" Running up hill is a bitch until you adapt to the hill. Then it's not. The hill is the same but you are different and as a result, so is your experience. Easy or hard is about you,  ot the hill. Don't wait for the hill to change."
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