Our trip in France!

For those of you who have been following our Facebook Page and Instagram Page updates, you should have noticed we've just come back from a cycling trip through the French Alpes!

We were lucky enough to do it through Trek Travel, and it was one of the most amazing, life enriching, experience of our lives, something we had dreamt of since we first started cycling and watching the Tour all those years ago. We started in Lake Annecy, a gorgeous lake in the French Alps and finished atop of Alpe D'Huez, 6 days later. For our first trip to France we decided it would be best to actually miss the Tour de France and go early, and actually enjoy the climbs and really take them in. We also didn't have 3-4 weeks of leave up our sleeve to really take in the tour atmosphere.

What was the highlight? Crossing the finish line of the legendary Alpe D'huez side by side with my wife, the other half of NeoPro. Both being cyclists for such a long time this was a dream to ride, let alone share the moment with each other, from bottom to top. We rode together to enjoy it, rather than go for the best time we could and really took in the moment as it happened.

Below is the highlight video of each day, taken from our go-pro's, cameras and drone footage.

Day 1: Here

Day 2: Here

Day 3 : Here

Day 4: Here

Day 5: Here


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