We tried a Float Tank, this is what it was like...!

We cyclists are constantly tired from that extra long ride we did on the weekend, or those super hard, super early efforts we did along the waterfront this morning before work.

Because of this, we are always looking for anything extra that will help us recover that little bit more. Well, we've found another one of those little extras!

There is a new place just opened up in Brisbane called City Cave. They have these things called "Float Tanks" which are pod looking things that are filled with water and 400 kilos of Epsom salts. This makes the water like the dead sea, which means you are completely buoyant when you lie in the water. I mean you basically lie on top of the water! The water and air are both skin temperature... meaning you can't tell the difference between the water, air or your body. This is what you call sensory deprivation.

The idea is for you to see nothing, feel nothing, and float. Now the BEST feeling though, is the weightlessness you get from the float. You can comfortably float without panicking, with no pressure anywhere, no wind, no current moving you around, no lights, just complete relaxation. Even if you move around as much as you can, you can't sink in the water. It's an insanely cool feeling, and relaxing. You get an hour in the tank, with music at the start and end and you'd think you would get bored laying in luke warm water for an hour. But it's amazing, there are no distractions or uncomfortable feelings and you just get lost in the feeling of NO feelings.

So, this sounds cool but how does it help? Firstly, when you finish you feel so relaxed. All the stress and tension in your muscles isn't there and you fee light, like gravity has released you a little bit. It helps immensely with sleep, you'll sleep easier, for longer and wake up feeling even more rejuvenated. It gives all of your muscles a complete rest meaning they recover faster, and who doesn't want that!? 


I highly recommend it!

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